Sits on a green hill at 280 m of height rising on the valley that embraces Foligno and Spoleto, so much loved by Saint Francis, inspiring : “I never saw anything better” .

In Spello the richest patrimony in Umbria of ruins of roman settlement can be found; an example is the main door on which is carved the sentence “the Most splendid Julia colony”, in order to remember the love that Cesar Augusto always nourished for this small town. Over the roman rests, were later on (14th/15th century) built buildings of various nature which represent the richness of Spello. It’s extremely pleasant to wander around, discovering unexpected foreshortening, little squares, gardens enclosed within the ancient walls and entire medieval quarters. Numerous are the artistic works of famous painters such as Pinturicchio (“Annunciation”, “Nativity”,” Dispute of Jesus with the Doctors”, “Madonna with Child”).

Porta Consolare

Spello offers both the treasures enclosed within its walls, and, moreover, it makes a great base for exploring Umbria being set in a strategic position between Foligno and Assisi. Moreover, in the ancient Hispellum, even remaining near the city (Foligno is only 5 Km far), we can plunge into the nature, in a quite place, where the traditions are respected with love, where simple things can still be enjoyed like the genuine products of the ancient Umbrian kitchen as well as the good local wine. A milestone in Spello’s tradition is the Infiorata, a feast which involves all the community in producing artistic masterpieces with dried local flowers arranged on pavements and roads all around the town.